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Need Information?

You want:

Information you can use.

So we provide:

Graphics that make your school easy to understand.

You want:

On-site help in developing specific initiatives.

So we provide:

Experienced consultants who can facilitate your
planning process.

You want:

To have an understanding of your community.

So we provide:

A demographic profile of your community.


Click to see an illustration of how our written analysis helped actual schools utilize their
Community's demographic comparison.


You want:

Help in preparing for you accreditation review.

So we provide:

A survey instrument designed with accreditation
reviews in mind.


  • Quick

Takes parents only 8-10 minutes to complete.

  • Comprehensive

Covers all areas of a school's function.

  • Non-indicting

Questions asked in a way that will not put you in a corner.

  • Effective

Assists you in informed decision-making.

  • Professional

Cuts through and avoids personal agendas.

  • Easy

Easy to use: you just hand out the cards and collect them.
Easy to understand: comes with 20-30 page professional evaluation.


You want:

Someone to help you understand your data.

So we provide:

A written analysis of your data.

You may have found that understanding your data is the hardest part of doing a survey, so our written analysis helps you make sense of it.

Click on a topic to see an illustration of how our written analysis helped actual schools utilize their information.

Influential factors in enrollment
Can you raise your tuition?
Salaries, benefits and working conditions

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