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New School Startups

DTS's church-community surveys have been successfully used by groups of committed individuals desiring to begin a Christian school in their community. Our standard approach includes:

Gathering specific community-related information to guide your decisions:

  • Survey of families of school-aged children within local churches.
  • In-depth demographic study of the community, gathering information from:
  • US Census Bureau (1990 census).
  • Percept, Inc. (1997-98 community profiles).
  • Local and state governments.

Guidance for your committee or team in gathering:

  • Interviews with local pastors.
  • Information on local Christian and private schools.
  • Information on local public schools.
  • Information on local churches.

From this information, we hand-deliver a report that includes:

  • How families feel about area schools, Christian & public.
  • What families are looking for in a Christian school.
  • How supportive pastors will be in a Christian school effort.
  • Which churches will be the most receptive to helping you succeed.
  • Which grades have the greatest demand.
  • What to expect in the way of enrollment: first year through anticipated capacity.
  • What range would be acceptable for tuition.
  • How to structure tuition assistance for maximum results.
  • A written time-line for organization, marketing, hiring, enrolling, etc.

Additionally we can assist your team in developing

  • Mission / Vision Statement
  • Statement of Faith
  • Staff and Board Manuals
  • Discipline Policies
  • Marketing Strategy.

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