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How to customize your recruitment plan to maximize your efforts -- and your results!
When you understand why parents have chosen your school, then you can begin to streamline your recruitment program by focusing your efforts on the issues that really matter to parents. In other words, if you know what they're looking for you know how to better reach them with less expense and effort.

Specifics on what to do to increase your student retention!
While parents may come to your school for one reason, they may leave for other reasons. Our examination of retention-related issues includes the general categories of: academics, leadership, atmosphere, peer influence and relationship factors. As you view these factors from a grade-by-grade perspective, you will see in black and white what issues need to be addressed to improve retention!

How well are you accomplishing your stated mission?
Our written analysis separates your mission into its various components, then lists the variables that indicate how successful you have been in mission-accomplishment.

Whether you can and should raise your tuition -- along with when and how to do it!
Tens of thousands of parents have shown us how to make a business-like decision. You will know if you can raise tuition; if you can raise it a lot or a little; and what to do if you can't.

Develop measurable initiatives for your teachers based on parent's grade-by-grade analysis of what takes place in your classrooms!
Grade-by-grade breakdowns show you in black and white which grades have mission-critical strengths and concerns. This can be used as a benchmark for teacher performance reviews and for building classroom initiatives.

Capital Campaign Funding:
Whether you could successfully conduct a capital funding program.
By looking at the variables that measure your school's potential, prevailing attitudes and the perceived need for new or improved facilities, you can determine just what needs to be done to prepare your school for a more successful capital campaign.

And Now - Available only with the Deluxe format:

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Understand your constituent churches.

A survey of leaders in your community's churches that will help you better understand how the Christian community views you.

Understand your community.

Percept, Inc. detailed demographic profile current as of 2002 (and projections to 2007), along with population density maps of your area showing such things as children as a percentage of population, parents looking for good schools, etc.

School marketing website.

We will develop and host a school marketing website directed at parent prospects - a place where they can find out what other parents say about your school, why they chose your school, and what they see as your school's strengths.

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