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For Consultants...

The bottom line is when you walk into the board meeting and lead them in a meaningful planning session that will begin initiatives that will make a difference in the future of their ministry.

"Tools for Effective Consulting"


Not only your reputation but future business hinges on that face-to-face encounter.


Imagine walking into the meeting with the confidence that comes with a comprehensive understanding of the organization – not to mention a 150 or 200 page report that demonstrates what you have to say in full color!


DTS’s assessment instruments give you the confidence and credibility that makes your consulting services worth more than what you charge


It also provides an open invitation for return business, since you have established an objective benchmark that warrants re-visiting the initiatives that came out of your first consult.

With Development Testing Service's professional and proven assessment instruments you will ...


Look Professional
You are working with professionals who hire professionals. All of our analysis tools have a professional look that adds credibility to you and to your client.

Be Professional
Our objective analysis give you a platform from which you can give counsel and build specific ministry initiates. Professional consultants from across the nation utilize our instruments to guide their strategic, capital campaign, ministry and facilities planning.


Be Connected
By working with DTS, you have access to resources that will guarantee your success as a consultant. We have strategic relationships with the country's best in church and school facilities planning, fund raising, ministry consulting, development training and church leadership training.

Generate Return Business
As you use our analysis instruments to facilitate your planning sessions with your client you are also building measurable benchmarks. This will create return business for you by enabling you to use these benchmarks to re-measure, evaluate success, and guide ongoing planning.

Create Custom Analysis Tools
When your client's needs go beyond our standard analysis instruments our experienced and professional staff are able to design a custom analysis specifically for your client. Custom analysis have been built for such organizations as Christian Stewardship Association, the City of Woodland Park, Colorado, Association of Christian Schools International and PhilanthroCorp.

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