Decision-making Tools for Ministry Professionals.

"Often, understanding the results is the most difficult part of conducting a survey."

Assisting ministry professionals make informed decisions through surveys, tuition assistance assessment, and other evaluative instruments.  more about us...

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Decision-Making Summaries

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Community Comparisons
Know in what ways your congregation is like or unlike your own community.
Among the things you will learn from a demographic comparison to your community will be how your congregation compares to the community in: Education, Age, Marital status, Number of school-aged children and Income. This information comes from a Percept, Inc. MAP/COMPASS community profile.

How well are you accomplishing your stated mission?
Our written analysis separates your mission into its various components, then lists the variables that indicate how successful you have been in mission-accomplishment.

Five Dimensions of Church Growth:
How you rate in The Purpose Driven Church's five dimensions of church growth.
Understand how you rate in: Growing warmer through fellowship, Growing deeper through discipleship, Growing stronger through worship, Growing broader through ministry, Growing larger through evangelism.

Eight Quality Characteristics
How you rate in the Natural Church Development's eight quality characteristics.
See how your church rates in: leadership, ministry, spirituality, functional structures, worship, small groups, evangelism and loving relationships.

Twelve Functional and Relational Factors:
Factors that generate satisfaction and dissatisfaction.
From The Twelve Keys to an Effective Church you will be rated in six relational areas: Mission, Visitation, Worship, Integration, Leadership and Ownership, as well as six functional areas: Competent programs, Accessibility, Visibility, Adequate parking, Adequate facilities and Adequate financial resources.

Capital Campaign Readiness:
Whether you could successfully conduct a capital funding program.
By looking at the variables that measure your church's potential, prevailing attitudes and the perceived need for new or improved facilities, you can determine just what needs to be done to prepare your church for a more successful capital campaign.

In-reach, Up-reach and Out-reach:
Check your balance in each of these three vital areas of church life.
Variables that measure both how well you do in each of these areas and how balanced you are!

Cultivation Summary:
Ratings of what percentage of your congregation is very closely committed to the church, on down to those not committed at all..
It is important to understand how large your group of strongest supporters is. You will also learn how each of these groups opinions differ.

People Groups:
Check to see who makes up your major people groups .
From this you can determine if you have ministries to meet the needs of all major people groups!

Strengths and Challenges:
Know where your strengths for ministry lie!
It is often better to reach out from a position of strength (strengths which God has given you) rather than waste time focusing on weaknesses and individual agendas.

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