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About Us

The focus of Development Testing Services is to provide decision-making tools for ministry professionals.

Since 1994 DTS has provided Analysis tools, services, and evaluations to hundreds of Christian ministries in nearly every state of the US. Currently DTS provides tools for Christian non-profits, including: schools, churches and mission organizations. Custom survey clients include such organizations as Christian Stewardship Association and the Association of Christian Schools International.

Understanding information is definitely more important than gathering it. Therefore Development Testing Services is committed to providing you with the information you need, in a format you can use, so that you can make wise ministry decisions.

Development Testing Services was born out of a need for consultants to have an objective and easy-to-understand evaluation of their clients. In order to do this Development Testing Services and another Colorado company, Development Marketing Associates, teamed together to create ministry analysis tools that have proven to be incredibly useful in strategic planning, capital campaign planning, tuition and tuition assistance planning, specific ministry planning, general ministry management and donor program development.

Development Testing Services tools are designed to be used by ministry professionals who understand the need to assess everything they need to manage.

DTS also has professional consultants and associates who specialize in:
  • Capital campaign management
  • Capital campaign feasibility
  • Gifts-in-kind program management
  • Strategic planning
  • Facilities planning / architectural design
  • Church management
  • Church leadership training
  • Deferred and immediate giving through wills and trusts
  • Certified Director of Development training
Click below to see some of the pieces of survey
information you cannot do without, designed specifically for:

Tuition Assistance Analysis
Information For Consultants Only

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